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UPDATE: PR Jacker Now Supports Majestic TF and CF - Rank Like Never Before!

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With PR Jacker The Answer Is.. YES!

PR Jacker Allows You To Map from PA/DA to PR, which means it works with your EXISTING SEO Tools. Even if they haven't been updated in years!

PR Jacker Is FAST

If you're concerned about your link building speed being compromised, you can rest assured. PR Jacker's engine is very fast and efficient at crunching numbers.
Resource usage? No problem - you won't even notice PR Jacker running in the background. It's very lightweight and efficient.
Typical CPU loading is 5% or less on a lowly quad core system. Memory usage is typically less than 100MB under normal use.

PR Jacker Is SMART

We know there's ALWAYS intense debate on the best combination of metrics to base your decisions on. The last thing we wanted to do was force our own opinions on what you should be doing!
So we've included 5 POWERFUL algorithms to map from PA/DA to PR.
What's more, if you can't find an algorithm that fits with your link building, you can quickly create your OWN using the built in editor!

PR Jacker Is EASY

Worried about having to learn yet another tool?
Using PR Jacker can be as easy as selecting your algorithm and clicking "Start". In just two clicks you can be filtering your link targets like a Pro!
Want to dig deeper? PR Jacker uses an industry standard for creating your own algorithms, so there's tons of information out there to help you.
If you've typed a single line of javascript before, you'll already know everything you need to!

RANK Your Sites With Ease Using PR Jacker

Ranking Ain't What It Used To Be. Throwing Spammy, Low Value Links Too Close To Your Money Site Is Just Asking For Trouble

Isn't It Time You Used CURRENT Metrics For Your Link Building?

Using metrics that haven't been updated for a long time isn't just pointless. It's dangerous.
Sites that were historically good targets may have since lost their power.
If you're filtering based on PR, you're probably missing out on some great sites that have gained powerful backlinks and ranking AFTER the last PR update.

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